The Green Olive Story

My loving and spirited daughter, Olive, loves pockets. In February of 2016 I set out to buy her clothes with big pockets; however, clothes with big stylish pockets did not exist. Hence, I decided to utilize my time as a stay-at-home-mom with sewing skills to make her a dress with huge pockets! She promptly filled them up with sticks, dinosaurs, beach shells, little cars, and dirt. Then I made another, and then one for a friend, then the requests came in by the dozen. Before I knew it, Green Olive Clothing Company was born!

Using only the highest quality pre-loved, upcycled knit fabrics, Green Olive's handmade "Pimento" line is eco-friendly and whimsy, beckoning to be worn outside in the colorful world we live. 

It began with a single dress I made last year, but Green Olive now includes a small organic manufactured line too! Each piece of play clothes is bold and confident while extremely utilitarian. Think: soft knit organic cotton, huge stylish pockets, washable,  bright and cheery, that’s Green Olive Clothing Company. Each piece of clothes is designed and created to wear and get dirty. Fill up those pockets with found treasures and go play outside. 


The little girl wearing a Green Olive is a playful kid who enjoys jumping in mud puddles, painting with sidewalk chalk, and running amok at the playground. She is also the girl who enjoys dress up, pinning up her hair, and hosting tea parties. She is all that and more, she IS Green Olive.