Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Closets with Kids

May 13, 2017

Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Closets with Kids

Some people love to clean and organize, and well, some don't. But is doesn't have to be a 'chore' - it can be FUN! Follow these 5 east and FUN tips with your kids to create some space in your closet and your head :-)

1. To thoroughly empty your closet, have kids ransack the space: tell them to throw clothes, socks, shoes, bras, etc. (and in my case, toys, fabric, yarn, etc,) into a large hamper. See, now your closet looks MUCH tidier!

2. Now take inventory of what you find in the hamper(s). If you have neither used nor worn it in 6 months, donate it. Have kids put those things into bags and take a trip to your local charity. Have kids involved in the 'giving' process, it feels goooood. And look! Half of your things are magically gone!

3. Grab another basket, and sort into "love it" and "don't really love it" - allowing the kids to use the beanbag toss method for this. Now, take the "don't really love it" pile and donate it!! Yet again, another lesson in giving. Again - look! Your unused things are disappearing and going to people who are going to actually use them!

4. Take your "love it" pile and have kids help you sort by: color, category, season, level of wear & tear, size, etc, etc. Play the good old fashioned match game to keep them motivated. 

5. Put your favorite beloved belongings back into your closet, where all that emptied out space awaits :-) Take the kids outside and GO PLAY in the sunshine!